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PS-812 FREEDOM MOVEMENT (1940-1947)

PS-812 FREEDOM MOVEMENT (1940-1947):

·         The Lahore Resolution 1940.

·         The British offer of August 1940.

·         Congress civil disobedience movement and the Muslims.

·         The liberal party proposals of 1941.

·         Pakistan plan and the Cripps proposals.

·         Quit India Movement.

·         Gandhi - Jinnah talks.

·         Desai - Liaquat Pact.

·         The Wavell Plan of 1945.

·         The Simla Conference.

·         General Elections of 1946.

·         Formation of Provincial Ministries.

·         The Cabinet Mission.

·         The Interim Government.

·         The Plan of June 3.

·         The Creation of Pakistan.



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