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Instructions for Authors

  • Instructions for Authors


    ·         Authors are required to give their name, affiliation, contact, email ID and a brief personal sketch with their articles.

    ·         Abstract of not more than 130 words should be composed on a separate page. At least five key words should also be given at the end of abstract page.

    ·         Length of articles should be in the range of 4000-5000 words. Composed in double space and Time New Roman of 12 size font, all pages should be properly numbered. However, quotations may be typed single-paced.

    ·         The journal has adopted APA style wherein bibliographic citations are placed at the end of the paper. For instance, single author book may cite in text as (i) (Islam, 2014) while in Bibliography as: Islam, Fakhrul (2014) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa A Political History 1901-1955, Islamabad: National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research. (ii) in text: (Islam, 2018) while in Bibliography as: Islam, Fakhrul (2018) Constitutional Development in Pakistan (Past Profile and Future Prospects), Peshawar: Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar

    ·         Papers composed in MS Word format (both soft and hard copies) may be submitted to the editor. Papers will be blindly reviewed by external referees and may be edited accordingly.

    ·         Authors will be personally responsible for contents of their papers and seeking permission of copyright material.

    ·         An article may be written by a maximum two authors.

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