Pakistan Study Centre

University of Peshawar



1.         Definition of society and culture.

2.         (a)        Pre - Muslim Era ----- The Indus Valley Civilisation –

                        The Aryan Culture.

(b)        Evolution of Pakistani Society - Early History.

(c )         Emergence of Islam in the Sub-continent.


3.         (a)        Foundation of Islamic Society --- The Sufis' role in the

expansion of Islam.

(b)        Turco-Iranian Impact on the Indian Society.

(c)        The Colonial Era-- Impact of the West.

4.         The people of Pakistan - their distribution - Major groups.

5.         Family Institution.

6.         Social Problems of Pakistan - including Population, Crime, Education system, Agriculture, etc.

7.         The Culture of Pakistan - Regional versus Religious Dictates.

8.         New Trends in the Pakistani Society.

9.         The Cultural Heritage of Pakistan.



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